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Pelchem – Fluorochemical Products & Applications

Pelchem logo

Pelchem produces a variety of high quality fluorochemical products from eight commercially operated production plants.


Pelchem process flow chart


Download Pelchem’s operational brochure

Refer to the table below for their complete portfolio of fluorochemical product applications.

Pelchem PlantProductsApplications (Markets)
Hydrofluoric Acid PlantAnhydrous hydrogen fluoridePetroleum alkylation
Hydrofluoric acidStainless steel, mining,
Industrial chemicals
Fluoride Salts PlantSodium bifluorideMetallurgical tin plate
Sodium silico fluorideSoldering fluxes
Fluorosilisic acidWater fluoridation
Nitrogen Fluoride (NF 3 ) plantNitrogen trifluorideSemiconductor
LCD screens
Solar panels
Fluorine gas (F 2 ) plantFluorine gas on linePharmaceutical
Compressed fluorine cylindersLaser gas mixtures
Fluorine & nitrogen gas mixturesSemiconductor gases
Plastic surfaces fluorination
Fluoro Organics PlantFluoro organic monomerLow temperature fluoro-elastomer: Automotive & Space
Xenon Difluoride (XeF 2 ) PlantXenon difluorideMEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems)
Display panels
Consumer electronics
Surface Fluorination PlantFluoro Pack TMAutomotive fuel tanks
Fluorinated polymer products with reduced permeation, improved chemical resistance & adhesion characteristicsChemical; & agrochemical packaging
Underground polymer fuel pipes
Painted polymer parts
Multipurpose Fluorination Pilot Facility (MFPP)Commercial scale samples of fluorochemical productsR&D

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