NWDC’s dedicated Small Business Development (SBD) Unit supports small business

DSC_0019Our dedicated team offers assistance and advice to small business owners and offers assistance to entrepreneurs wishing to register their own business or cooperative.

Refer to our full suite of small business assistance services outlined below

SMMEs are to greatly benefit from a CIPC self-service terminal project – click to read more

Contact our Small Business Development unit for an appointment on 018 381 3663

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Small Business Support Services offered at the NWDC:


  1. Facilitation of Financial Assistance
    1. Conduct outreach Programmes on financial instruments
    2. Interview clients on business idea and possible funding opportunities
    3. Inform the clients on funding criteria and requirements by possible funders
    4. Check compliance documents
    5. Assistance with the lodgement of the application for funding
    6. CIS (Cooperative Incentive Scheme) grant applications
  2. Facilitation of  Training
    1. Conduct outreach Programmes on training programmes available for SMMEs and cooperatives
    2. Identify training needs for SMMEs and Cooperatives
    3. Management training (Recordkeeping; Marketing & Merchandising; Costing & Pricing; etc)
    4. Technical training (Brick making; SANBS; etc)
    5. Source sponsorship for training programmes
  3. Registration of Companies and Cooperatives
    1. Registration with CIPC (Applicable to Private companies)
      * Filing of annual returns (see sub-services below)
      * Amendment of the private companies
    2. Registration with CIPC (Applicable to Cooperatives)
      * Conduct outreach Programmes
    3. Provision of the CIPC Information
      * Provide information on types of business entities
      * Provide clients with CIPC banking details & reference for the purpose of depositing registration fee
    4. Name reservation etc.
      * Submit four names for reservation to be cleared by CIPC
      * Register name reserved
      * Assist a client to complete a directorship form Submission of CRO 9.4, Certified ID copies, Directorship form.
      * Hand over the company registered certificate
      * Hand Over Memorandum of Incorporate* Filing of annual returns
       Provide the client with a statement of annual returns due
       Provide clients with CIPC banking details & reference for the purposes of depositing annual return fee
       Filing of the returns.
       Hand over of the Annual Returns certificate
  4. Amendment of private companies

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