Innovative solar schoolbags from up-cycled plastic

Discarded plastic shopping bags become the source material for trendy up-cycled backpacks,
complete with a re-chargeable solar solar schoolbag (2)panel providing light at night. This is a proudly North West, proudly South African product that is Repurpose schoolbags, manufactured by Rethaka Pty Ltd.

Ideal for learners, students, campers, hikers, disaster relief agencies and the young at heart, Repurpose schoolbags are produced from recycled plastic bags that are washed and heat-bonded for strength before being stitched into strong, durable, waterproof and very funky backpacks.A lightweight solar panel inserted into the bag charges its batteries during daylight, providing up to 12 hours of light from small LED lights when inserted on top of the Consol glass jar.

The company also produces conference bags manufactured using the same process.

Order yours today for your company’s corporate social investment programme, as corporate gifts or for personal use by contacting

Rethaka (Pty) Ltd is a for-profit, woman-owned business, based in Rustenburg, South Africa.