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The planned installation of an electric fence with security cameras will be fast-tracked following a robbery incident at the Manyane Resort on Saturday 8 June 2019. Manyane is a tourist resort operated by Golden Leopard Resorts (GLR), and is located inside the perimeters of Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

At approximately 21:00 that evening, a group of four or five assailants gained access to one of the Manyane chalets through an open door. The attackers bore knives and threatened the married couple. After attempts by the husband to chase out the attackers were unsuccessful, he fatally shot one and wounded another. The remaining assailants fled on foot with a laptop and its bag.

Resort security, management, and the local police were swiftly on the scene. While SAPS members took statements and processed the scene, the resort’s management supported the couple and moved them to another chalet, where a security guard was also posted.

In the months leading up the incident, Golden Leopard Resorts engaged with Pilanesberg management on the security challenges following breaches in the latter part of 2018 and early 2019. Thanks to that, the patrolling of the perimeter and at the resort have increased. An additional measure is the installation of electric fencing around the camp. Work has already begun in the clearing of the bush and the digging of the trench. The management of Golden Leopard Reports will ensure that this project is fast-tracked and additional manpower from its sister resorts are being brought in to speed up the construction.

From spoor tracking following such incidents, it was found that footprints lead into the park and disappear in several directions near the fence towards the main roads. It is assumed that these criminal elements have found ways to breach the Pilanesberg Reserve’s fence bordering the local towns and then trek through the park at night, targeting lighted areas such as Manyane.

An ongoing concern for the resort is that of a nearby tavern operating into late hours on Friday and Saturday nights. On many occasions has the resort raised its concerns regarding the tavern with the municipality and the local police station.   Apart from the noise disturbance, there is a huge consumption of alcohol and rowdiness at the tavern, which seems to correlate with incidents at the resort on Friday and Saturday evenings. Golden Leopard Resorts will intensify its efforts to come to an amicable agreement regarding the tavern.

Immediate improved security measures implemented

Golden Leopard Resorts (GLR) assures its guests that it is considering all possible measures to increase the security at its resorts and improve the safety of its guests.

  • As an immediate intervention, the resort has recalled all security staff from leave and off days so that there is more security on sight during the upcoming long weekend and winter school holidays.
  • Security personnel from GLR’s sister resorts in Mahikeng will also be re-deployed to Manyane adding to more officers patrolling.
  • The main gate to the camp as well as the entrance gate will, going forward, close at 20:00 and any guest wishing to exit or leave the resort to access nearby facilities such as Sun City will be issued with a special pass-out signed by either the Security Manager or the Resort GM.
  • Guests arriving after 20:00 to the resort must please ensure they have their reservation booking as confirmation and notify reception so that they can alert the gate security.
  • Every vehicle entering the resort at both gates will be thoroughly searched and we ask guests to exercise patience when there are queues.

We value our guests and their experiences and will ensure that we do everything in our power to provide a safe and secure environment. GLR is aware that criminal elements will try to find ways to overcome such and therefore we want to also advise our guests and day visitors to please be vigilant and if at any point you notice anyone or anything that seems suspicious, please immediately bring it to our attention via the front office, security or resort manager.

For inquiries contact:

Manyane Resort General Manager

Stephinah Tshehla

066 481 0601


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