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The personal data of our e-newsletter subscribers is safe with us

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) for South Africa came into full effect on 1 July 2021. The law is designed to protect how personal data is used, stored & processed.

While many organisations and companies were obliged to send out confirmation messages, especially obtaining consent for newsletter subscriptions, NWDC’s system for our e-newsletter had been compliant from the outset. Since the beginning, when our newsletter’s first subscriber forms were created, we have been distributing Pulse to opted-in subscribers only.

NWDC uses the cloud ware service provider Everlytic to design the quarterly e-newsletter and keep subscriber data safe. As far back as May 2012, the NWDC (then erstwhile Invest North West), became a client of Everlytic. As part of the process, our entire communications team underwent Everlytic training. Apart from being taught the ropes of the software, a large part of the training was devoted to the importance of subscriber data, the no-no’s of public lists, or the buying of lists and entrenched the values of consent, ensuring opted-in subscribers.

Since 2012, the practice of obtaining consent on both our online and hard-copy subscriber forms had been adhered to. What is more, every Pulse e-newsletter that is sent out, has an Unsubscribe link at the bottom, so that even an opted-in subscriber will always have the choice to cancel his/her newsletter subscription with immediate effect.

Some of our subscriber data, such as spreadsheets created from completed hard copy forms, are stored on the NWDC network. Here, NWDC’s IT division has also put measures in place to protect data.

NWDC’s IT network is currently protected by Firewall with Intrusion Prevention capabilities. The firewall further scans all incoming and outgoing traffic for Malware, Spam, Viruses and Phishing Attacks Furthermore, all endpoints (laptops, desktops and servers) have endpoint protection tools installed to protect against malware spam, viruses and website phasing. NWDC has also recently made the decision that our network security will be audited annually by a third party to identify any possible gaps and to improve and stay up to date with the latest available protection solutions.

At the NWDC, we uphold that every data entry is much more than that – it represents a real individual, a person made of blood and bone – who is a stakeholder, a client, a tenant, a customer. Every one of them is valued and has rights. Rights that we respect and uphold, especially the right to data privacy.

During July 2019, a proudly North West product – Moonshine Reflective Livestock Spray was launched to the communities of Dryharts and Matlapaneng villages near Taung as part of  Mandela Month initiatives.

The innovative product, Moonshine, is a reflective paint for livestock that makes animals visible at night to motor vehicle drivers, thus avoiding accidents and protecting livestock and motorists alike. During the launch, members of the community received the product to use it to spray and thus protect their livestock.

The innovator of Moonshine, Morebodi Memphis Kaotsane hails from Pudimoe Village in the Taung area. He was also present at the launch. Development of the product started after Morebodi won second place in the 2016 North West Innovation Competition that was hosted by the Office of the Premier, NWDC, NWU and TIA.

Since its conceptualisation, the NWU’s Technology Transfer and Innovation Support Office, in collaboration with the NWDC, has been assisting Morebodi with the technical development of the product, which included ensuring that the spray is not harmful to livestock’s hides.

The launch of the product at the innovator’s community of origin near Taung was made possible by the Road Accident Fund (RAF). The RAF has come out in support of Moonshine and have sponsored the first order of two thousand cans. Their vision is to roll-out the product to other provinces.

In a background document to the event, the NWU’s Technology Transfer and Innovation Support office stated that:

“We find great inspiration in the Moonshine project in that it demonstrates:

  • That rural youth innovation is alive and well in the North West Province
  • That our rural citizens can devise solutions to the challenges in their own communities
  • That donkeys and cows play an integral role in the livelihoods of our rural families: behind every donkey or cow, is a family”

Moonshine’s innovator, Morebodi Kaotsane has also been selected as a 2019 finalist in the SAB Foundation’s Social Innovation Awards. The Social Innovation Awards are aimed at innovators, social entrepreneurs, institutions and social enterprises with prototypes or early-stage businesses that can solve social problems. Videos on the finalists are currently being produced as part of the competition’s judging process. Since Memphis was shortlisted by the SAB, he has been invited to attend a two-day workshop as part of the competition process, that will take place from 27 to 29 August 2019. At the end of the workshop, applicants will present their innovation solution and up-scaling plans to a panel of judges, resulting in the selection of the winners. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony scheduled for October 2019.

For more information on Moonshine, contact Morebodi Kaotsane on

Pictured in Dryharts village at the launch of Moonshine Reflective Spray, were, from the left:
Mr Siphamandla Gumbi, Senior Manager: Road Safety at RAF; Ms Malebo Molefe, Provincial RAF Manager, Mafikeng CSS; Mr Morebodi Kaotsane, Innovator of Moonshine; Mr Hannes Malan, Commercialisation and Advancement Technology Transfer & Innovation-Support Office, NWU and Ms Hantie Hoogkamer, Manager Research & Innovation at NWDC.


Pictured in Dryharts village at the launch of Moonshine Reflective Spray, were, from the left, front: Ms Ketlareng Polori, Senior Specialist: Commercialization at the Technology Transfer & Innovation-Support Office, NWU; Mr Siphamandla Gumbi, Senior Manager: Road Safety at RAF; Mr Morebodi Kaotsane, Innovator of Moonshine; and Mr Tshidiso Motlhabi, Assistant Director, Stakeholder Management in the Office of the Premier. Back: Mr Hannes Malan, Commercialisation and Advancement at the Technology Transfer & Innovation-Support Office, NWU.



The Moonshine launch would not have been possible without teamwork and superb support staff. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the support staff in this picture. From the left: Ms Ketlareng Polori, Senior Specialist: Commercialisation at the Technology Transfer & Innovation-Support Office, NWU; Ms Suzan Boikanyo, Office Support Admin: Research & Innovation Unit, NWDC; Ms Baile Mankuroane, Tenant Coordinator at NWDC’s Taung branch and Mr Gilbert Seikaneng, General Engineering Services at NWDC’s Ganyesa branch.

The NWDC will be arranging a pavilion to exhibit at the East & Central Africa Mining Forum which takes place from 28-29 October 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda.

East and Central Africa Mining Forum is an exclusive annual international trading platform for mining professionals in the East African region. The conference and exhibition is a stakeholder-led gathering focused on a specific delegate profile with a distinct end goal – the search for credible investors in East Africa and the region’s mining industry as well as associated support services.

For more on the expo, visit

NWDC will be applying to the dti for SSAS funding to exhibit at this event, which will cover the following costs for companies:

  • costs of return flights;
  • costs of the stand;
  • cost of accommodation;
  • costs related to the freight of the products to the trade show.

Companies interested in exhibiting are invited to contact Poloko Maphula at the Trade and Investment office of the NWDC at 014 594 2570 or email

The closing date for enquiries and application is Tuesday 18 June 2019.

The North West Province will host the first North West Trade & Investment Conference taking place at Pilanesberg on 14 March 2019.

The Investment Conference will be held under the theme “Rebuilding the province through the promotion of Trade and Infrastructure Investment” and provide a platform to showcase growth and investment prospects in an economy with vast potential.

The main aims of the conference are to action and consolidate decisions, pledges and commitments that were made at the National Conference and to implement those that are relevant for the province.

Key objectives of the conference are, therefore:

  • To expose investors to investment and trade opportunities in the North West Province.
  • To provide a platform for business to engage and create linkages that will grow the business sector further to provide the much-needed jobs in the province.
  • To engage business to partner with government in the delivery on its mandate of reducing unemployment, eradicating poverty and creating jobs

As with the National Investment Conference, this opportunity will be used to engage with investors on trade and investment opportunities in the Province, provide macro and microeconomic linkages, engage on private-public partnerships and unlock the latent potential and innovative spirit of the North West economy.

As a Province with a host of unique comparative advantages as an investment destination and trade partner, the Conference aims to expose domestic and international business to a unique investment case, and portfolio of investment projects in several sectors. The Investment Conference is, therefore, a platform where information exchange on actual opportunities between government, local and international business will take place.

The focus will be on areas of trade to stimulate economic growth and development, quality infrastructure to support growth, and investment to advance a growing economy which is inclusive, diversified and competitive.

Furthermore, the Conference aims to be a showcase of unique features, strengths, competitiveness, and attractiveness of the North West as an investment destination and trade partner.

Please note: Attendance to the North West Investment Conference is per invite only.

Members of the media who would like to cover the event should send their request to


Owners of qualifying retail shops in the Ngaka Modiri Molema District are invited to apply to be selected as beneficiaries for Phase Two of the Retail Economy Project of the NWDC.

The Retail Economy Programme aims to develop and grow retail entrepreneurs in townships and villages in the North West Province to have long-lasting, profitable and sustainable businesses that are competitive and create employment. People living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The first pilot phase was launched in November 2017 in the Dr KK District in the JB Marks Municipality – read the article


  • Reside in the Ngaka Modiri Molema District, North West Province
  • Own one of the following businesses: tuck-shop, butchery, chesa nyama, hair salon, bakery OR in a possession of land that can be used to set up a container business
  • Business has been in existence for two or more years
  • Business owner between the ages of 25 and 55
  • Minimum of Grade 12 or any other equivalent qualification
  • South African citizen (SA Identity document)
  • Business is registered, with a valid tax clearance certificate and an active bank account




For more information contact Molebogeng Seripe at the NWDC Projects Division on 014 594 2570.

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